Op zondag 15 januari 2017 werd er in de trainingszaal van Taekwon-Do Twimyo in Zaandam, onder leiding van Sabums Colin Bakker (Chung-Mu Amsterdam) in de Do’Jang van Sabum David (Taekwon-Do Twimyo) Sabum Marcel Hildering en initiatiefnemer van de NTT – Open Kwan gedachte Sabum Harry van Schaik. Samen met schoolhouder Boosabum Milton Hasselnook (de Kraaij), Boosabum Jakob Blaauw (Taekwon-Do Oosterwolde) werd de 7e actieve Nationale Taekwon-Do Training (NTT) gegeven.

De gedachte achter de OPEN KWAN trainingen kunt u hier lezen maar de gedachte is dat het uitgangspunt dat iedere leerling overal moet kunnen trainen zonder dat zijn leraar, club of bond hem tegenhoudt. Dit in het licht te zien dat iedere leerling zijn vaardigheden dient uit te proberen, nieuwe dingen kan bij leren en andere leraren en mensen in Taekwon-Do ontmoet.

Deze kosteloze training voor iedere graad was opgeleid uit een technisch gedeelte Tul, praktische zelfverdediging en sportsparring. Iedereen had veel plezier en keerg persoonlijke aandacht en tips voor zijn voortuitgang.

Welkom aan twee scholen zijnde Chung-Mu en Taekwon-Do Twimyo in de wereld van Open Kwan’s die te vinden op Met dank aan bijdragen van 7 scholen, 4 Sabums, 10 Boosabums en de bedenker van de Open Kwan principe van het KTC-NP website.

Volgende NTT training is in de planning en datum volgt spoedig . Iedereen is GRATIS welkom om mee te trainen. Scholen die zich willen aanmelden in de gedachte van OPEN KWAN kunnen zich aanmelden via deze site.

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LITTLE TIMMY REPORTS – 8th JANUARY 2017 – (Dutch announcement)

Tigers Life Skills Education de verbinding tussen vele werelden in de maatschappij, aanbieders aan programma’s met jonge kinderen, ouders/verzorgers en instructeurs. In de voortgang van de ontwikkeling bestaat er nu naast de programma’s voor kinderen ook uitgebreide opleidingen voor instructeurs, oudermanuals en als nieuwste het OUDER/INSTRUCTEURS pakket.

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LITTLE TIMMY REPORTS – 7th JANUARY 2017 – (Dutch announcement)

Tigers is 15 jaar geleden ontstaan in 2002 door Richard en Lucinda Cassidy, zie Ongeveer 8 jaar geleden een presentatie over Tigers bij het Nationaal Instituut voor Vechtsport en Maatschappij (NIVM) zie Vervolgens een samenwerking tussen Tigers LSE en het NIVM bracht Tigers op de menukaart van erkende interventies van Kenniscentrum Sport als goed beschreven programma. Uit deze goed beschreven positie op dit moment 7 clubs die in het verleden of heden onderzoek doen naar de effecten van het programma op het leven van jonge kinderen, zie

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BREAKING NEWS NR 6 (Dutch announcement) – 6th JANUARY 2017 –

“Harry Taekwon-Do is verdeeld en zal altijd zo blijven! Er staan teveel belangen op het spel en mensen willen dit niet veranderen….” Dit was wat ik al jaren hoorde en sinds ik ben weggestapt bij ITF Nederland is dit in alle hevigheid toegenomen maar er is licht in de duisternis volgens mij. Met de opzet van de website KTC-NP voor alle Taekwon-Do zaken die mij interesseren ben ik begonnen het pad in ieder geval helder te maken waar we het over hebben.

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Juche filosofie overleden of niet?

Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published an article Monday calling Bae officially “cursed” and demanding he take his own life following the publication of his book, Not Forgotten, and subsequent interviews in which he has called North Korea’s communist Juche philosophy fragile and morally bankrupt.

The North Korean government appears especially concerned that Bae has publicly stated he seeks to work with NGOs in South Korea to find ways to smuggle information about the outside world into North Korea. “Bae talked rubbish that ‘he is planning to set up a non-governmental organization for the fellow countrymen in the north and carry out projects helpful to the poor people in the north and defectors from the north,’” the KCNA article reads. “It is ridiculous, indeed, for Bae to be busy with the moves for establishing a non-governmental organization for some people as if he were a big philanthropist. In other words, he revealed his intention to persist in his hostile acts against the DPRK.”

The article quotes Bae’s forced confessions and apologies written while imprisoned in North Korea and accuses him of making “a U-turn” after returning to the United States, “going busy hatching plots with the group of Satan falsifying facts [sic]. He is none other than Judas.”

“Bae Jun Ho has no option but to commit suicide,” the article concludes. In addition to calling Bae “Judas,” the article describes the missionary as “human scum” and “half wit.”

It ends with a threat to no longer negotiate with the government of the United States regarding two other U.S. citizens currently imprisoned in the communist country.

Reuters notes that the two other Americans currently imprisoned in North Korea are student Otto Warmbier, serving a 15-year sentence for taking down a propaganda poster, and Kim Dong Chul, a Christian missionary serving a ten-year sentence for “crimes against the state.”

 North Korea appears to be lashing out at Bae due to his unusual outspokenness following his return to the United States, after becoming the U.S. citizen to serve the longest time in a North Korean prison in history. In his book, Bae asserts that he had multiple supernatural interactions with both angels and demons in his prison, and that, on one occasion, he held the hand of the Holy Spirit. He also repeatedly describes Pyongyang’s government as fragile and terrified of the power of Christianity.

North Korean officials, he writes, “understand that if they allow the message of Jesus to spread, their government will collapse, along with every aspect of their society.”

In an interview with the Unification Media Group published last week, Bae also stresses the importance of flooding North Korea with information on the outside, to inspire a revolt against dictator Kim Jong-un. The experience of being imprisoned, he said, “made me really want to let them know about religion even to the smallest degree and that so many people (around the world) are praying for them and have great interest in them.” He described North Koreans as “brainwashed” but eager to be released from their intellectual prison once exposed to Christianity.

North Korea’s government has escalated its incendiary rhetoric against the United States and South Korea this year, following an illegal nuclear weapon test in January. Pyongyang has repeatedly threatened a “preemptive” nuclear strike on the United States — particularly Manhattan and Washington, D.C. — while filming propaganda videos using the ethnic white-American sons of a Korean War defector who remains loyal to Kim Jong-un.

Most recently, intelligence officials in both Seoul and Washington have warned that satellite evidence seems to indicate increased activity at the Yongbyon nuclear facility, potentially signaling that the military has begun recycling plutonium to use in the construction of new nuclear bombs.

The government of North Korea has published a scathing editorial demanding that Kenneth Bae, an American Christian missionary freed after being sentenced to 15 years hard labor, “commit suicide” following the publication of a book in which he details his life in a North Korean labor camp.

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